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" CLICK HERE - MOSLEY - 4900781 "

      Please read this attached document in its entirety. This report contains examples of claims made against State Rep. Stephen Paul Mosley prior to being elected to the 5th Legislative District in Arizona.  Why is this important? A large part of Rep. Mosley's "focus" has to do with "fiscal responsibility".  Here is a copied quote from his campaign website:

"Fiscal Responsibility — It is time for the State to run the same way a good business or home is run. We must spend less than we bring in. We need to understand the difference between needs and wants. I will support a zero base budget. Surpluses should be used to pay down debt. Obsolete and inefficient government programs may need to be eliminated. We must get Arizona's fiscal house in order, and I have the skills needed to help accomplish this difficult task."

      Paul Mosley is neither trustworthy nor responsible. This has been proven time and time again and this site can now serve as a collection point for any information that helps to expose Mosley. We can do better. Since information regarding the incident at A.A.E. Armory was released to the public, we have been receiving requests to help with exposing Mosley. This post will stand to ensure Paul Mosley is never elected to any office. #NOMOREMOSLEY!

"I'm sorry for the embarrassment I have been to my family, friends, and community...I will return Leo's sheets ASAP"

A.A.E. recently spoke with a gentlemen very familiar with Paul and his habits....

"He is a habitual liar. An absolute disgrace to the citizens of Arizona." The conversation was lengthy, those were our favorite highlights... His demeanor was clear. We hope to make it clear this man will NOT be re-elected to office in this State. Principles always matter. Our hands are not tied. We can actually piece together information that has been stuffed away, and present a better argument. Paul Mosley is UNFIT FOR OFFICE.

"Not to be trusted"

"Not sure if my buddy took them"









Please help us gather and disseminate information regarding our current AZ House Representative. Our team can be reached several different ways:

  1. Call us at 928-444-5778 to schedule an appointment to talk about Paul Mosley.
  2. Email us at and tell us about Paul Mosley.
  3. Come see us at Against All Enemies Armory - 2152 McCulloch Blvd North, Suite B, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403. We can sit and have a chat about Paul Mosley.
  4. Send us documents and an explanation in the mail to the above address. We will contact you to follow up on the details about Paul Mosley.

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