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Against All Enemies has been charged with the responsibility of providing the public with an organization that acts as a voice for the U.S. population. Demanding Accountability and Communication between the U.S. Government and the people, acting as a buffer to cast out corrupt media bias, and working to mend our Nation's relationships between race, gender, religion, law enforcement, and social classes. We are here to re-unite ourselves into a Nation built upon Freedom and Unity. We exist to serve the citizens of the United States of America. We believe in the foundation of freedom that our great Nation was built upon, and we also believe it is our responsibility to protect that freedom. Our purpose is to provide American citizens with a centralized organization that prioritizes their needs and invests time and resources into hearing their voices. We are the Checks and Balances. We are the WELL REGULATED MILITIA .


Against All Enemies is proud to stand for a sovereign nation unified by sanctioned laws that are to provide domestic tranquility for all common Americans. Our intent is to be heard by all who support our mission, and in return organize a public forum that works to purify the corrupt messages and media that are shared among society. We will fight to stand united! Our message will be heard. Oppression and secrecy will be exposed. We exist to provide the following services to the American public:

Unbiased Reporting:

Against All Enemies promises to provide access to free flow news media for our members to read and interpret for themselves. In order to assist the development of free thought among our citizens, A.A.E. will receive, review, and return member submitted publishings with their black list of lies and bias propaganda. The dirt and grime will be broken down like it never has before.

In-depth analysis of media reporting:

Against All Enemies wants our fellow Americans to better understand the ways that our national media operates. We want to expose the underlying goals of the individual reporter who chooses to report biased news. Our team of researchers will examine studies and facts cited in controversial news reports and publicize the information that is not credible. We will also verify and analyze articles sent to us by our fellow citizens who stand Against All Enemies. We cannot rely on our own media to give us the truth, so we must take actions ourselves.

Law Enforcement Training Improvement:

The citizens of the United States of America have always had immense pride in the job that our Law Enforcement Officers do for the American public. The fearless men and women that choose to suit up everyday to ensure domestic tranquility within our borders are our brothers and sisters. At Against All Enemies, we believe it is time that the misunderstandings between the public and its trusted Officers comes to an end. A.A.E. will seek to implement training committees that will become integrated with local Law Enforcement. These committees will be comprised of community volunteers and shall be responsible for working hand-in-hand with our Officers to bridge the gap between the public and its defenders. Allowing the public complete access to uniformed police procedures allows educated questions to be asked and honest answers to be given. Our intent is to find a common ground on which all U.S. citizens can agree upon.

Updates on Federal/State Laws:

Against All Enemies will provide daily updates on all Federal and State Laws and host a data bank with all current and pending changes. Our intent is to broaden the communication channels between our leadership and our public. Users will be able to search for laws using filters as well as search an online library that will be linked to each individual State. No longer will there be a lack of public knowledge pertaining to our own legislation.

 Online Store:

Against All Enemies serves its national members by operating an online retail store offering a wide variety of firearms, ammunition, equipment, and apparel. Our promise is to provide our members with an exceptional quality and quantity of firearms to choose from. Against All Enemies extends its service by offering members options to shop online, store a wish list, and receive discounts on select items.

Retail Storefront - Lake Havasu City, AZ:

In order to better serve our local community, Against All Enemies has included plans to operate a full sized retail store utilizing existing buildings within city limits. These plans are under review by administrative affiliates of A.A.E. and do not reflect sum of public donations. Facilities for indoor shooting ranges and outdoor training facilities are to be determined by public funding.

Firearms Manufacturing:

To ensure that all members of Against All Enemies are permitted to their constitutionally guaranteed rights, we shall assist them in the process of bearing arms. With the support of Sun Devil Manufacturing and KAK Industry engineering, A.A.E. will allow members to custom order their rifles to meet their needs. Future development plans include the purchase of necessary equipment and materials to allow Against All Enemies to manufacture locally, and distribute nationwide.

AZ CCW/ Firearms Training:

A.A.E. Armory offers our local customers a chance to obtain concealed carry permits by facilitating CCW training classes. We also offer basic training classes pertaining to pistols, rifles, and shotguns. These classes are easy to sign up for and are available at least once a month. Please contact us for more information!

Industry partnerships: 

A.A.E. works hard to develop working relationships with companies and organizations throughout the firearms community that will serve as beneficial for all parties for time to come. Our ability to conduct business with many other entities is a valuable party of how we grow our business. As of now we work hand in hand with companies like KAK Industry, RTT Firearms, Plum Crazy Firearms, Gun Solutions, Zeeman's Gunworks, Zanna Enterprises, E3 Arms, Maxim Firearms, and U.S. Arms. If there is something that you need and we don't offer it, we will surely be able to direct you to the type of help you may need.


Against All Enemies is a contracted Production and Distribution Manager for U.S. Arms, LLC from Lake Havasu City, AZ. We control the entire assembly process of the Patriot-15 polymer lower receiver manufactured by U.S. Arms, LLC. Our quality assurance program helps to ensure all U.S. Arms products are leaving our facilities without any errors or discrepancies. We are also in charge of product distribution. Existing vendors and new vendors are encouraged to contact us if you are interested in carrying our products.


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