1. Select a firearm from our website that you desire. Purchase it through our website using your own address and we will receive your purchase order.

2. Locate an FFL (Gun Shop) nearest you and request that they send us their FFL via
email. We are required to have this to verify their license and location for the firearm to be sent. We will store their information along with yours for future reference!

3. We will ship your selected firearm to your dealer! Some states may require that you wait an extra long period of time before exercising your rights, so please be patient with them as they have not adopted the Constitution quite yet.

Note: All FFL transfers require that you pass a background check. Please be courteous to us here at Against All Enemies and your local dealer and insure that you are not dis-qualified from legally possessing a firearm before purchasing. Although we proudly support every Americans founding father given right to legally own a firearm, we will not accept any attempts to illegally obtain a firearm through our services. Please allow 4-8 days shipping for in-stock firearms and 7-14 days for items that are dropped shipped through our vendors. Remember, if you do not see a firearm on our website, contact us and you will.

Our promise to you is to assist you in bearing arms…. so give us a call or email and we will extend our reach to you.

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